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Welcome to INCLUSION

INCLUSION is a mini-series by Courageously Kind!

In this mini-series, we're sitting down with activists and advocates for INCLUSION.

These guests are truly making the world a kinder and braver place and it was such an honor to chat with them!

Inclusion was created as our Senior Capstone presentation at Marywood University.

See the full mini-series below!

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Inclusion in the classroom with Dr. Helen Bittel

In episode 1 we got to chat with one of our favorite professors! Dr. Helen Bittel is the founding director of Marywood’s Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning. Throughout her teaching Bittel focuses on transformational relationship-rich education instead of transactional education. She believes that student’s social and emotional needs are inseparable from cognitive or academic needs, and her students deeply appreciate her teaching methods. 

Inclusion of LGBT+ students with MJ Haynes

In episode 2, we're chatting with our friend and fellow student, MJ! MJ is the president and founder of of Pacers Against Sexual Assault, an advocacy organization at Marywood University. We talked about their advocacy work on campus and what inclusion means to them.

Inclusion in Service with Lucia Anewalt

In episode 3, our dear friend Lucia shares with us her recent service trip experience and the role that inclusion plats in service to others. We also talked about her passion for environmental advocacy!

What INCLUSION means to us

INCLUSION is near and dear to our hearts!

Hear about the inspiration behind this mini-series and what inclusion means to us!

Special thanks to our guests! Thank you for your time and thank you for making the world a better place!

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